LTA Course Offerings for Spring Semester at JJC

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The Library Technical Assistant Certificate Program at Joliet Junior College consists of 9 courses for a total of 26 credit hours, and offers instruction from frontline librarians, technology training, online learning and more. Spring classes begin January 18, 2022.

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This Spring, LTA classes will be offered in a hybrid mode, with in-person sessions offered at least once monthly, and the rest online. The exception is the 208 Practicum. This requires a student to work on-site at a hosting library. Should the situation in the region or state change, and a student's practicum site closes, we will work with the host library and the student to complete virtually.

Courses offered for the Spring 2021 16-week semester include:

LTA 103 - Library Materials - 3 Credit Hours.

Instructor: Amy Chellino

Examines the role of the library technical assistant in the practice of acquiring print and non-print materials from the selection decision through technical processing. Budgeting, binding, processing, and weeding also will be covered. Both manual and automated systems are incorporated into course materials. Prerequisite: Placement into ENG 101.

LTA 204 - Libraries and Technology - 3 Credit Hours.

Instructors: Aimee Walker & Michelle Y. Roubal

An introduction to technologies and automated services in all library departments: circulation, technical services, reference, and administration. Applications of computers, selected software, networks, internet, and connectivity are highlighted. Prerequisite: Placement into ENG 101.

LTA 208 - Library Practicum - 2 Credit Hours.

Instructor: Michelle Y. Roubal

This course provides supervised work experience in a public, academic, special, or school library. Emphasis is on applying knowledge gained in coursework to practical on-the-job situations. The student rotates through various departments to broaden the experience. This course includes a forum for discussing issues related to working as a library technical assistant with emphasis on practical applications in the student's library practicum. Prerequisite(s): LTA 102, LTA 103, LTA 201, LTA 202, LTA 204, LTA 205, and LTA 206 all with minimum grade "C".

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